Electrical Services

Our experienced technicians are capable of a variety of electrical services. Jeremy’s Electric is fully licensed, for repairs/installations such as; garage doors, panel upgrades, wiring concerns, and much more! Continue reading below to learn more about the services we offer. Please call us for more information!

Garage Doors/Openers

Garage door opener

We are the experienced professionals that you need for your next garage door project. We specialize in garage door installation and/or repair, as well as garage door opener installation and maintenance. Take the pain out of installation! Let us be your garage door experts.

Panel Upgrades

house solar

Outdated solar panels will not operate as efficiently as they should. Contact Jeremy’s Electric for your panel upgrades! We ensure complete satisfaction throughout the entirety of the process, leaving you with panels that operate at full efficiency.

Lighting and Wiring


Doing your own lighting and wiring projects can be dangerous without the proper knowledge. Our trained team wants to help! We take the danger out of any lighting/wiring project. Our years of experience and satisfied customers make us the safe, reliable, and cost-friendly choice!

Electrical Issues

breaker box

Diagnosing electrical concerns can be tedious, as well as dangerous. Jeremy’s Electric follows safety a strict set of safety guidelines while on any job, greatly reducing the risk of an accident. Not only are we the safe choice, but we will diagnose and repair your concern, no problem! Call us for more information.

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